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  Many define marketing as the process of planning, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, that generate or highlight the need of a particular product or service. Marketers use an assortment of strategies to guide how, when, and where product information is presented with one goal in mind - to persuade businesses and/or consumers to buy a particular brand   or product. Successful marketing strategies create a desire for a product and therefore must address the likes and dislikes of any target group. Marketers must know what information will convince potential clients to buy their product and should always outline the benefits of their product or service. Formulating a researched strategy to this effect is vital   for the success of any organisation no matter what industry or size. Don't be scared by the initial expense, this type of marketing strategy will improve ROI figures and allow you to fully understand what your customers want and expect from your organisation (including more detailed information on how your competitors approach the market).
Marketing guides
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